How to Become a Foster Parent

Heart of the Kids Social Services is committed to providing continual support to our caregivers and the children we serve. Each child has a Case Manager and other professionals such as a therapist if necessary. As a foster parent, you will guide and support your foster child every day. By your actions, you can help children and their families cope with the challenges that life brings.

Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused and neglected infants and children who need a safe place to live when their parents or another relative cannot take care of them or when their family is focusing on getting the assistance they need. The goal is to return the child home safely. If that is not possible, a permanent home will be found, preferably with the foster parents.

As a foster parent, you will receive training based on the child’s needs. We offer a generous daily living subsidy to foster parents to reimburse the cost of everyday care for children placed in their home. We also take a prevention-first approach to challenges by providing on-going consultation and immediate intervention by qualified professionals 24-hours a day. The need for foster families is urgent