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Interested in becoming a foster parent?

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Care parent, please read below to see what you need to do to begin the process.


First, you must be:

  • 21 years of age or older

  • Pass the state’s required background clearance

  • Be financially stable

  • Be physically in good health

Please fill out all required forms below and email to or click here

Consent for Background Investigation

Required for any individual, age 14 and above, who will be in contact with foster children frequently.

Affidavit for Employment with Child Care Facility

For applicants with a licensed child-care facility, residential or day-care, or registered family home.

Prospective Foster Parent Application

Official application for all adult individuals interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents.

Questionaire for Prospective Parents

Each adult foster/adoptive parent applicant must thoroughly complete a Questionnaire.

Request for Personal References

Provide personal reference details helping us assess your eligibility for fostering a child with care.

Providing Supportive Care

At Heart of the Kids Social Services, our commitment is unwavering, providing dedicated support to both our caregivers and the children under our care. Each child is paired with a Case Manager and, if needed, additional professionals such as therapists. As a foster parent, your daily guidance is pivotal in helping children and their families navigate life's challenges.

A Haven for Temporary Healing

Foster care serves as a temporary refuge for abused and neglected infants and children, offering a haven when parents or relatives are unable to provide care. Our primary goal is family reunification, but if that proves unattainable, we work diligently to secure a permanent home, ideally with the foster parents.

Empowering Foster Parents: Training, Support, and Lasting Impact

To ensure foster parents are well-equipped, tailored training is provided based on the child's needs, accompanied by a generous daily living subsidy covering the cost of everyday care. Our prevention-first approach involves 24/7 access to qualified professionals for ongoing consultation and immediate intervention. The urgent need for foster families underscores the profound impact your commitment can have on the lives of these children.


Questions? Get in touch.

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